Power Theft


Power Theft

Power theft is a silent crime. It is stealing of precious power unlawfully. This is a worldwide phenomenon that contributes to heavy revenue loss to a power utility. Besides colossal commercial and technical loss, power sector is beset with various other problems and the spiraling power theft makes the situation worse.

Whether the power sector is under government control or not, Power theft is a debilitating evil all over the world. Law enforcement agencies are not always fully aware of the extent of power theft and their economic impact. Perpetrators are often allowed to go scot-free with payment of a paltry sum as fine. Criminal investigation and prosecution are needed to combat this social evil. The public can do a lot to fight this unethical practice.

Power theft is both art and science. Electricity worth millions is siphoned off by criminals employing state-of-the-art methods. Nefarious designs of the unscrupulous people who steal precious power are a wonder even to the R&D personnel of metering industry. I have made an earnest effort to understand the enormity of power theft. I invite you to join the Herculean task of curtailing the stealing of power.

Let us open a new world where we can interact and educate the public, help law enforcement agencies, legislators and regulators. Let this be a channel of communication in matters concerning power pilfering for every responsible citizen.

Report instances of power theft and discuss freely its aspects. Use the Feedback Form to send in your opinion, enquiries and comments on power theft. More, you can alert the agencies set up for detection of power theft using the Information Submission Form.