Farmer acquitted in power theft case

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AHMEDABAD:INDIA A rural court at the Mirzapur campus has acquitted a farmer from Dholka in an electricity theft case

When Valjibhai Manabhai Jadav was brought before the court for trial, the first issue came about his identity. The Gujarat Electricity Board police station at Sabarmati had registered the complaint in March 2007 against one Valjibhai Madhavbhai Jadav. The complaint was under the Electricity Act and Jadav came to be arrested in this case.

He is a resident of Sindhrej village near Dholka.Jadav’s advocate Mohammed Hussain Shaikh objected to the investigation and defended on the ground that no independent witness was examined during the trial to establish the identity of the accused.

Moreover, the prosecution could not establish from which electricity cable, Jadav was caught illegally drawing power. The prosecution could also not say how far the cables were from Jadav’s house. The investigators also could not ascertain before the court which material was seized from Jadav’s possession, advocate Shaikh said.The investigator’s callous approach also resulted in acquittal as the prosecution could not supply enough material before the court to show the house where the power was supplied illegally was actually owned by Jadav.[Times of India]

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