Power theft: Political Patrons are enemies of the nation, PM

The PM referred to the Swachh Bharat campaign as a people’s campaign. How effective it would have been, if he had also called on the people to pay for the power they consume and portrayed politicians who patronise power theft as enemies of the people: after all, India cannot progress with a stricken power sector, laid low by a politically conditioned reluctance to pay for 

It is welcome that the Prime Minister called for an end to the traditional mistrust of the bania. Wealth creators are the nation’s wealth and deserve our respect, he said. This is welcome. Creating new income is the surest way for India to grow out of poverty and ignorance and disease and inequality of opportunity, India’s original tryst with destiny, outlined by Nehru. No harm in referring to this local source of inspiration if the PM can, as he did in the course of his speech, concede a nod to .. 

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