UP electricity dept unearths high-tech power theft case

MEERUT: During a mass drive to check pilferage of electricity, Uttar
Pradesh power department has come across a high tech power theft case
in the city here.
During a raid onducted at Hapur road’s Naugaja area, a consumer was
caught red handed for power theft. The consumer was consuming
electricity and the power meter not recording any unit. There was a
remote control attached to the meter device which can switch off and on
the electricity meter. The alarming part was that no unit was registered by
the meter even when electricity was being consumed.
The power depatrtment has issued an alert and fear hand of an organised
gang in the case.
UP’s principal secretary energy and power corporation chairman Alok Kumar has ordered a STF inquiry into the case. He has
also directed the officials to continue the drive against power theft in the state.
One of the accused involved in the hi-tech power theft case said that it requires only one-two thousand rupees to get the
The organised gang members use bike or old car’s remote system. They connect the remote system to meter via current
transformer (CT). This CT indicates electricity consumption during meter reading.
[Courtesy:The Times of India]