CParched India needs to produce water neutral thermal electricity

Waterless India to produce water neutral thermal electricity.

One kWh of electricity uses water equivalent of daily drinking water needs of two persons.
In Kerala power cuts were im,posed in 2008 to tackle water scarcity due to below average railfall.

With a total installed capacity of 226 GW, thermal power plants in India produce about two-thirds of the electricity. These plants consume about 14 to 16 million cubic metres of water per day. India’s per capita water availability is less than 1700 m3, making the country already water-stressed. An increase in water consumption for electricity generation limits water availability for other consumers in agriculture and domestic sectors. As India would continue to rely mostly on coal-based electricity generation until 2030, water use efficiency in thermal power plants is the need of the hour. [Courtesy:TERI News]

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