Withdrawal of all power theft cases against farmers.

The Gujarat government on Tuesday presented the vote on account in the state Assembly. With estimated expenses of more than Rs 63,000 crore, the state government announced 26 new schemes for the needy.

With the Lok Sabha polls in mind, the BJP government in the state loosened its purse strings for farmers, fishermen and the needy, and at the same time, avoided imposing burden of new taxes on citizens.

Finance minister and deputy chief minister Nitin Patel presented the vote on account to approve expenditure by the government for the next four months. The interim budget size for the financial year 2019-20 is estimated at Rs 1,91,817 crore

The schemes for farmers include a one-time settlement scheme with a waiver of Rs 691 crore for power bill dues of 6.74 lakh farmers and poor people, withdrawal of all power theft cases against farmers in the state, allocation of Rs 500 crore for revolving fund for zero-interest loans to farmers in the state and irrigation schemes for farmers in tribal areas. [Source-DNA]

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