Legislator’s wife gets bail in Power theft case

Uttar Pradesh [India]

A Legislator’s wife was granted bail in connection with a case relate to Power theft. The local government had disconnected the electricity connection of a vacation palace following source of information of illegal pilferage of electricity and tube well connections by this Indian Politician’s wife. A case was filed against her in this regard. Consequent this, she had approached court for release. The court approved her bail based on a petition filed by her attorney. The resort was searched by a Sub Divisional Magistrate (SDM) and Sub Divisional Officer (SDO) after getting an information and Power theft detected. Official also inspected, whether growers were receiving water from tubewell in the resort.  However, the political party of the legislator has already stated that all cases relate to power theft would be scrapped once they come to power. Power theft in India is a compoundable offence and diluting the vigor of Electricity act 2003.

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