Punjab: PSPCL imposes fine on police station for power pilferage; no case registered yet

Police fined for Power Theft

Punjab: PSPCL imposes fine on police station for power pilferage; no case registered yet

Continuing their drive against the power theft, the Punjab State Power Corporation Limited (PSPCL) has raided the Anaj Mandi police station following which a fine of around Rs 8.7 lakh has been imposed in the name of the station house officer (SHO) and Munshi in the police station. The PSPCL officials conducted raid on the police station and found there was no meter installed in the police station. Instead, a wire was attached directly to the main line to get electricity supply. The cops were using the power from an illegal connection which is also known as ‘Kundi’ connection. [Power Theft]

The officials found a lamp, a fan and other electrical appliances, including 1.5 tonnes AC, were being used with the power. The officials on condition of anonymity revealed that a wire having a length of 20 meters was being used to get power supply directly from the LT pole of PSPCL.

A case was registered. However, the PSPCL officials, two days ago, had reached the police station and uprooted the meters, but on Thursday again had installed the meter. Around two years ago, Rs 1.5 lakh fine was imposed for power Theft. The police station is being run since 2014 and in 2017, the first raid was conducted. The PSPCL officials even then requested the in-charge cops to get a meter installed, but none of the authorities cared. Notably, the PSPCL officials, a week ago, had visited the police station and requested them to get the meter installed, but in vain. The PSPCL had detected over 2,700 cases of power pilferage and collected around Rs 5.4 crore as fines imposed on defaulters [Times of india]

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