Power Theft-\\\UNCOVERED DP BOXES SHOCK BHOSARI MIDC Uncovered DP boxes shock Bhosari MIDC

Power Theft-Uncovered DP boxes shock Bhosari MIDC

MSEDCL cites theft from boxes, leaving live cables dangling; residents ask why no preventive or corrective action is taken

Open DP boxes from which electric cables dangle, across Bhosari MIDC (Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation), are the latest threat to the lives of thousands of office-goers and area residents. After the authorities failed to cover up the open machinery for a while, despite complaints, frustrated citizens are now demanding that the high risk of fatal accidents be addressed. Those living in the area say Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company Limited (MSEDCL) has just been citing thefts from open DP boxes, but taking no measures to get them covered.

Abhay Bhor, who has written to the power utility, shared, “Several DP boxes across Bhosari MIDC are lying uncovered, some since the past several years. MSEDCL claims the covers keep getting stolen, but why don’t they follow up or lock the covers? Over two lakh people work at this MIDC and thousands live in the vicinity — all are in danger due to this issue. The local body wants to be a ‘smart city’, but pays no attention to basic infrastructure. Open DP boxes also lead to cases of electricity stealing. I have written to MSEDCL and asked them to find some alternative to cover the boxes.”

Bhor explained that people around certain spots — including near Bhor Rubber Products, Pavna Complex, J Block, S Block, G Block and many other blocks — are all at risk. “During the monsoon, we have witnessed sparks flying from uncovered boxes. Citizens have to be careful to avoid contact with live cables and prevent electrocution. Officials will only wake up once a tragedy takes place,” he said.

Bhosari’s executive engineer for MSEDCL, Rahul Gaware, refuted, “We routinely take up repairs of DP boxes in this MIDC zone. But incidents of theft are never-ending, and our manpower is less. I will look into this matter and get repairs done. Almost all open DP boxes will be covered within a week.” [Pune Mirror]

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