Is China dumping cheap solar products in India

Is China dumping Cheap Solar products in India?

US advices against tempt of low-priced Chinese solar trade in

Quality, service, life  etc are the major criteria to be followed while procuring solar product .many companies are offering a warranty for 25 years or more for its product with neither parties aware of the future of solar products and R&D in the offfing.May be because of this the Assistant Secretary for energy, United States has cautioned the solar developers in India to be skeptical while accepting offers from China and added that US would be a better supplier for India considering the above reasons. Request a quote should be the very last activity as far as planning for installation of solar equipments are concerned. Others are

How to select a Solar Company

 Collect a List of accessible Solar Providers

 Appraise the merits and demerits of choosing a home Installer or a National Company.

 Ensure Company testimonials

 Examine appraisals. …

 Evaluate Each Company’s funding opportunity. …

And the last,

Request a Quote.

A vital question befog the entrepreneurs in India is whether a minor saving at the cost of quality is a wise decision or smart decision that affect the return for 25 years or more.

Developers may consider apart from cost, the environmental and health issues and standards, latest innovation, latest technology, and dominance of countries involved in deal.
The Energy Secretary of US has offered better vale to Indian solar developers and admitted that though US is relatively new in this sector, but developing faster than any other country and may double the capacity of export in coming three years time. Jumping from 15th position in solar export, US has now within first five major global  solar equipment manufacturers .India is now increase its import of crude oil from US.US claims that it know the pulses of solar innovations across the globe and consider themselves as  one of the best
manufacturers in the world.

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