Owner faces trial for Power theft that led to electrocution of cows

Owner faces trial for Power theft that led to electrocution of cows

An unauthorised electricity connection, without proper precaution, has resulted in the deaths of four cows and a dog. Following the cattle owner’s complaint, a case has been registered against the owner of the property under the Indian Penal Code and Indian Electricity Act. The High Court has refused to quash the case, saying the property owner has to face trial.

The complainant is one Cheluvamma, a resident of Keru village in Srirangapatna. The incident dates back to 2014 and was initially registered in the Srirangapatna police station and later shifted to KR Sagara police station which was the proper jurisdiction. Cheluvamma’s complaint was that her four cows were electrocuted while passing through the property of one Panduranga. A dog, accompanying the herd, was also killed by a faulty power line drawn to a building in the property.

Geethanjali HP was found out to be the owner of the said property and subsequently charged by the police. She approached the HC to get the case quashed. Her advocate argued that initially she was not even named in the FIR and it was one Panduranga. The case was also transferred from one station to another. On these reasons she sought the quashing of the case.

The HC, however, dismissed these contentions. It said, “No doubt it is true that initially FIR was lodged in the Srirangapatna police station and the complainant had stated that the alleged incident took place in the property of one Panduranga. The complainant being a lay woman, cannot be expected to know as to who was the registered owner of the property wherein the incident took place. Even otherwise the petitioner/accused is none other than the wife of the said Panduranga. There is absolutely no ambiguity whatsoever.” The transfer of case from one police station to the other was also not wrong, the HC said. “The records clearly indicate that police have investigated the matter and have laid the chargesheet,” the HC said, rejecting Geethanjali’s petition.
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