Power Theft: Electricity is costliest in Odisha.

Former Union Minister Srikant Jena on Friday demanded to know why the electricity costs in Odisha are far higher than in Delhi and sought a special audit in the State Energy Department to know the energy theft.

In a letter to CM Naveen Patnaik, Jena said while in Delhi electricity consumption from 0 to 200 units is free, it is just Rs 1.25 per unit between 200 and 400 units. So for consuming 400 units of electricity, the Delhi consumers are paying just Rs 250. However, in Odisha, the cost is far too high.Jena said in Odisha, Rs 2.50 is charged per unit up to 50 units, Rs 4.30 per unit between 50 and 150 units, Rs 5.30 per unit between 150 and 200 units and Rs 5. 70 per unit between 200 and 400 units. For 400 units consumption, the Odisha consumers are paying Rs 1,960.

Odisha has the cheapest production of power from coal and water in the country. While Delhi is purchasing electricity from Odisha, its charges are very nominal. But Odisha being a power producer charges far high. And this, when the per capita income in Delhi is 10 times higher than that in Odisha,” said Jena.He demanded that the Delhi power costs are applied in Odisha; farmers are provided free power like in Punjab and an audit in the Energy Department to know the power theft.[Courtesy;The Pioneer]

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