Why public pilfer electricity?

The answer is not for direct monetary gain in all cases. In certain industries, the excise duty, sales tax, etc. are determined based on the actual consumption of energy. In order to evade these expenses, some pilfer energy. During the period of power cut, there is Power theft to remain within the restrictions imposed to utilities. Inclusion of the word ‘tampered meter’ in section 126 also caused confusion initially  when Power theft goes high tech and it can be performed without meddling with the meter. The above two sections should be applied appropriately to achieve the result intended in the Act.

 The Electricity Act 2003 gives full freedom to vigilance engineers in detecting Power theft, confiscating machineries, papers, document related to production etc. and permits utilities to frame their own rules. In 2003, the ordinance for Electricity Act, Kerala was promulgated which became extinct as Government Of Kerala failed to present the same before the assembly. Kerala happens to be one of the very few states in India where there is no legislation to curb power theft. Law remains in book only. But application of the same is under severe constraints. Once the constraints removed the utility may may fetch .2500 million INR per annum additionally.