Power Theft

BSES urged customers to report incidents of power theft


Ahead of the monsoon, BSES —one of the capital’s two electricity distribution companies (discoms) — on Wednesday issued an advisory to the public on simple safety precautions, and claimed to be fully prepared for the rainy season with extensive pre-monsoon checks and preventive maintenance of equipment already done.

A senior BSES official said that to ensure an incident free power supply, BSES Rajdhani Power Limited (BRPL) and BSES Yamuna Power Limited (BYPL) under monsoon action plan which aimed at minimising the down time of power supply arising out of exigencies during monsoon.

“We are fully geared for the monsoons by undertaking extensive preventive maintenance. To reduce the incidence of moisture related breakdowns, active measures have been taken to minimise the accumulation of moisture in the grids and panels,” he said.

Emphasising that power theft by hooking on to an electricity system poses a serious safety hazard, BSES also urged customers to report incidents of power theft and convince people not to illegally draw electricity by hooking on to mainlines or electrical roadside equipment.

Some of the unique problems during monsoons are water-logging, strong winds uprooting trees, falling branches that damage electricity installations resulting in outages. In order to safeguard human lives and equipment at times, it also becomes necessary to switch off the electricity supply to an affected area as a precautionary measure, a release issued from BSES stated.[Cortesy:The Telegraph]

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