Power Theft

Prepaid meters to stop power theft in Muzaffarnagar

Muzaffarnagar: Aiming to save 20% electricity, the Muzaffarnagar electricity department started the service of prepaid meters for residents on Friday. Officials claim that meter cannot be tampered by any means. This comes at a time when dozens of locals were recently booked for electricity theft by means of meter tampering.

According to power officials, bills are waived easily by 50-60% through tampering the electricity meters.

Executive engineer of power department, said, “The initiative will help us to control power theft and will help the consumer to save power. This meter was specially designed to stop power theft as it cannot be tempered. It will display how much money one has in the meter and how many units have been used. Therefore the consumer can save electric power and money”.

On Friday, the first prepaid meter was installed in the residence of additional district magistrate. District magistrate Rajeev Sharma, told TOI, “It is a good step by the power corporation. I will ask all government officers residing in government quarters in the district to install prepaid electric meters”.

 Government officers or employees who live in government houses often do not pay their electric bills. “Many times, the officers are transferred and a big amount of pending power bill is left. Now, there will be a cap on government officers as well,” said Yogesh Singh, sub division officer of power department[Courtesy:Times of india]
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